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ТМ ОКТО Slime-gum "Mr.Boo" Mini Set NEON 6*20gr 80042

ТМ ОКТО Slime-gum "Mr.Boo" Mini Set NEON 6*20gr 80042
ТМ ОКТО Slime-gum "Mr.Boo" Mini Set NEON 6*20gr 80042
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    ТМ ОКТО Slime-gum "Mr.Boo" Mini Set NEON 6*20gr 80042.

    Slime toy "Mr.Boo" is a wonderful anti-stress, it will help you to relax, distract from work or study, and at the same time have fun.

    • Recommended age: children 5 years and older.
    • Manufacturer: Ukraine.

    Eco friendly slime anti-stress Mr.Boo is colorful fragrant viscous mass for the game. Slime perfectly relieves mental tension: it is stretched, crumbled and even inflated with a straw. Recommended for children above 5 years old. The wide range of Mr.Boo slimes impresses with various aromas, bright and neon colors, glitter, confetti and toys. Great for playing at school and with friends at home. Only natural ingredients, absolutely safe. Does not stick to the hands, does not leave colour traces, easily assembles from solid surfaces. 

    Eco friendly slime anti-stress Mr.Boo - is pleasant to touch anti-stress slime that could help to remove kid's mental tension and aggresive attitude. Absolutely non-toxic for every age.

    This game develops:

    • motor skills of hands and fingers
    • movements coordination and usage of both hands at the same time
    • creativity and imagination, aesthetic taste
    • memory and attentiveness
    • spatial thinking and logic
    • speaking and communication skills
    • perseverance and many other useful skills

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