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About Us

Let's get acquainted! Our little magical world For Kidi has been with you since 2008.

Loving your child means creating for him the most comfortable conditions for life and development, making his life interesting and happy. The task of For Kidi is to offer you everything you need for this!

For Kidi offers products that support the development of children and adolescents of all ages. By using the wide selection of games in our store, you can purposefully develop your child's abilities, skills, strength and health.

We offer our customers only those games and toys that expand the potential of the child. We hope that with us you will receive the necessary recommendations and will be able to use them in various games with children.

To master educational games and toys from For Kidi, adult participation is required, at least at the initial stage or at the stage of acquaintance. An adult participant takes the initiative and teaches children how to play correctly. From now on, children will be able to act independently, having mastered the rules of the game. Play and develop with your children!