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Activity toy Ludi 123 Soft Bowling 3450 Activity toy Ludi 123 Soft Bowling 3450
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Brand: Ludi
Activity toy Ludi 123 Soft Bowling 3450.Bowling is an excellent game for the little ones and older children.The skittles are made in the shape of animal figures, so that the child's activities with the set will be even more interesting and entertaining.In addition, each skittle has its own color - w..
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Brand: Lena
Art set Lena Stencil Set Alphabet/Numbers and Signs 65774. With Lena stencils, your kids will learn to write their first words and numbers in a fun and fast way. The stencils are made of high quality material, do not break, bright colors.Set: 2 stencils, page with examples.Recommended age: chil..
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Brand: Meadow Kids
Art Set Meadow Kids Numbers and Shapes Set MK262.Stamps and stencils allow you to create your own drawing, you can combine them together, color and create your own work. Drawing develops fine motor skills of the hand and prepares it for writing. Drawing also develops children's creativity.Set includ..
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Brand: Meadow Kids
Bathing set Meadow Kids Counting Bath Time Stickers MK180.Learn 1 - 10 with these cute hot air balloon bath stickers! Stick the balloons in the correct order or do sums. Complete with extra stickers, just for fun! The pieces float on water and stick to bath tiles when wet. Great for family interacti..
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Brand: Diset
Board game Diset Domino Animals 63491.The game material consists of 28 double-sided cards. The card depicts funny animals on one side, and dots (numbers) on the other.Expansion, enrichment and refinement of vocabulary.Development of communication and partner skills.Developing numeracy skills.Recomme..
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Brand: Diset
Board game Diset Multiply 63972.This game promotes the formation of ideas for math activities, as well as the acquisition of social skills (work in pairs and groups) and develops the ability to follow the rules of the game. The game offers the child the opportunity to test himself and correct mistak..
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Brand: SES
Craft set Ses I learn to count 20x20 cm 14826.This set is suitable for everyone who loves to make their own hands. The set develops visual-figurative thinking; attention. Learn to weave a braid step by step. The set includes pictures and laces.Packing size: HxWxD: 20x20x3 cm.Recommend..
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Brand: Bigjigs Toys
Developing wooden toy Big Jigs Calendar and Clock BJ526.Wooden clock - calendar is a great educational toy. While playing, children will be able to easily learn to use clocks and calendars, distinguish between days and seasons, and learn the names of months. An activity board - a clock and a calenda..
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Brand: Bigjigs Toys
Developing wooden toy Big Jigs Magnetic Numbers and Shapes Case BJ439.The board is ideal for teaching writing and drawing.Development aspect: Develops spatial and logical thinking, trains attention and memory, stimulates imagination and teaches modeling. Develops fine motor skills of hands, coordina..
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Brand: Bigjigs Toys
Developing wooden toy Big Jigs Picture and Number Matching Puzzle BJ535.Material: wood.Package size: AxPxD: 22,3x30x1,3 cm.Recommended age: children 3 - 6 years old.Developed in: Great Britain...
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Brand: Toys
Disney Big Hero Watch 99024509.Recommended age: children 3 years and older.Packing size: HxWxD: 21x10x1,5 cm...
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Brand: Goula
Educational toy "Learning to Count" Goula Pile-Up Cubes 1-10 55218.  Learning to Count cubes are made of durable cardboard coated with water-based paints. Cubes will train your motor skills and dexterity. They can be played in different ways: building a tower from large to small, or making one ..
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