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Clementoni Disney Frozen 2in1 set Memo Domino 17x22cm 98650
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Brand: Clementoni
Clementoni Disney Frozen 2in1 set Memo Domino 17x22cm 98650.The child must find and open two identical pictures. To make the game even more challenging, when two identical images are found, one is placed on the other side, the player must remember the position of each item. The game trains attention..
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Brand: Educa Borras
Educa Borras Puzzles Frozen 2x20 pcs 16847.In set: 2 puzzles of 20 pieces.Material: thick cardboard.Recommended age: children 3 - 5 years old.Packing size: HxWxD: 31,5x21,5x4,5 cm.Puzzle size: 28x20 cm.Manufacturer: Educa Borras (Spain)...
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Brand: Educa Borras
Electronic board game - quiz Educa Conector Junior Frozen II 18543.The Educa Conector is an exciting question and answer game that broadens a child's horizons. The game was developed by professional educators taking into account child psychology. Educa Quiz is a popular game for preschool and primar..
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