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Craft set Sambro Trolls Hair & Fashion Maker Set TRO-2067
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Brand: Sambro
Craft set Sambro Trolls Hair & Fashion Maker Set TRO-2067.Recommended age: children 5 - 12 years old.Packing size: HxWxD: 30x40x5 cm.Designed by: United Kingdom...
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Brand: Hasbro
Hasbro Kre O Trolls Poppy's Happy Pod B9526.This is a fun and entertaining construction set. Construction develops the child's motor skills, imagination and understanding of technical things.In a set: 101 parts.Recommended age: children 6 years and older.Packing size: HxWxD: 20x25x4 cm. Manufacturer..
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Brand: Ravensburger
Ravensburger Trolls 3D Puzzle 54 pcs 11919.The 3D puzzle is more fun and addicting, so your kids won't be disappointed! This puzzle can be a great gift! The puzzle consists of 54 pieces. Diameter of the finished puzzle - ball: 7 cm.Recommended age: 7 - 99 years old.Number of pieces: 54-piece puzzle...
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Brand: Toys
Souvenir Trolls LED Soft Key Chain Blistercard 10,5cm TRL57MIL019B...
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