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Brand: Unikulma
Blanket Unikulma Junior Dreams.JUNIOR DREAMS UNIKULMA ™ ir - medium warm blanket. The cover is made of soft cotton percala and the filling is made of breathable, dust-free polyester fibers. The blanket can be washed many times and dries quickly.Size 115x150cm.Weight 250 gr.Cover: 100% percale - cott..
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Brand: Unikulma
Baby blanket + Pillow Unikulma Baby Dreams.BABY DREAMS is a set of blanket and pillow that will give children the sweetest dreams. Materials for their manufacture are selected in such a way as to give babies a very comfortable sleep, but to simplify care for parents as much as possible. The cover is..
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Brand: Unikulma
Unikulma Junior Dreams pillow.JUNIOR DREAMS UNIKULMA ™ - is an adjustable pillow that can be adjusted by replenishing the filling as children grow. The pillow optimally supports the head and neck, creating an extremely comfortable sleep. The pillow cover is made of high quality cotton percale, but t..
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Brand: Unikulma
Unikulma Pre-Mi Detergent against allergens and dust mites.During washing, the product destroys allergens, dust mites and maintains hygiene. The effect lasts 2-3 months.Instructions for use:Washer:3-4 kg of laundry - 2 caps5-6 kg of laundry - 3 capsHandwash:3-4 kg of laundry - 2 capsUse with fabric ..
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