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Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Use of the website

1. Before you start to use SIA "For Kidi" (registration number 40103188776, address: pr. Viestura 24-26, Riga, LV-1005) website, carefully read these Terms of Use of this site (hereafter Terms).
2. website is run by SIA "For Kidi", including all its information and material. The web address is
3. By visiting the website or using the information about the provision of goods and services placed on it, you personally or as the person you represent, if you act on its behalf, agree to these terms.
4. If you do not agree to these Terms, please do not visit or use the website as well as the services offered, and the information contained therein.
5. We inform you that the purpose of processing the information (including personal data) recorded on the website of SIA "For Kidi" is to provide the services specified therein and to facilitate the use of the website
6. SIA "For Kidi" has the right to unilaterally change the content and terms of use of the website at any time. Such changes take effect once published on the website
7. From the moment you start using the website or perform any activity on the said website, it will be considered that you have read and agreed to follow the Terms of Use. Each user of the site must regularly review the Terms in order to be informed of the changes made. If you do not agree with the terms, you will not be able to use the site.
8. Users of the website have the right to use the website's services at a price in effect when the service is offered. SIA "For Kidi" has the right to change the prices indicated on the website and/or create new paid services at its own expense at any time.
9. The user of the website can use the offered services without registration, which does not change the established procedure of use.
10. SIA "For Kidi" is not liable for any costs and losses incurred while using the website
11. In case of uncertainties regarding the filling in of the document forms on the website of SIA "For Kidi", please contact the appropriate person indicated on the website

Use of the services offered on the website

12. From the moment the user of the website chooses the offered opportunities and services, he becomes a party to the Distance Selling Regulations concluded between the SIA "For Kidi" and the user of the website—an individual or legal person. The returns agreement applies to all user orders that are made through the website of the SIA "For Kidi" The returns agreement takes effect as soon as the user of the website places an order online and receives a confirmation which is automatically generated by e-mail from the SIA "For Kidi". Orders and order confirmation are considered received when they can be accessed by the parties to whom they are addressed.
13. The user must always follow the procedure specified on the website To receive available services, you must follow the steps detailed on the website.
14. Do not misuse the information published on the website You may use the services offered on the Website only in accordance with applicable laws and other legal acts. SIA "For Kidi" has the right to suspend or terminate the provision of services if compliance with the terms of use of the website is not ensured at the time of ordering.
15. When requesting SIA "For Kidi" or its representative to change an incomplete home delivery order, please note that information can be provided on from the email you specified when ordering or by contacting SIA "For Kidi" from the telephone number you provided when ordering by phone: +371 20302075.
16. SIA "For Kidi" has the right to unilaterally terminate the Distance Selling Regulations if the payment for a specific product is not received, if it finds errors and/or inaccuracies in the prices or descriptions of goods on the website In exceptional cases, the Distance Selling Regulations of SIA "For Kidi" may be terminated in the following cases: if the Distance Selling Regulations was concluded in an abusive manner, by fraud or enforcement; if the item is not in stock at that time; due to excessive losses incurred by one or the other party; due to late payment for goods and in other cases specified in regulations.
17. Use of the website does not grant any ownership rights to the content to which you have access to. It is forbidden to use the content published on the website, unless the owner of this content has a permit or other permission provided by law. These terms do not grant the right to use trademarks or logos included on the website It is forbidden to delete or change the messages that are provided on the website or submitted through the website
18. The content and descriptions of goods and other information provided on the website are the property of SIA "For Kidi".
19. In order to improve the quality of services, SIA "For Kidi" has the right to send notifications, reminders about incomplete transactions and other information to the email address provided, based on the services used. SIA "For Kidi" also has the right to transfer information about and news, promotions and discounts of SIA "For Kidi" partners.

Use and privacy of data entered on the website

20. SIA "For Kidi" informs that by providing your e-mail address, you agree to its inclusion in the database, and the website may use it to send notifications/reminders about unfinished orders.
21. By using the website you agree that SIA "For Kidi" or any third party acting on behalf of may collect and store data that allows to track and list:
21.1. Total number of visits to the website.
21.2. The number of visits to each website.
21.3. Domains of internet service providers of visitors of
21.4. IP addresses.
21.5. other data for the administration of the system, as well as for the control of the use of the website and and organizing its improvement.
22. SIA "For Kidi" has the right to transfer the data collected and stored on the website to other companies for purposes of recording information and statistics. DATA TO ALLOW THE IDENTIFICATION OF A PERSON ARE NOT DISCLOSED IN THIS PROCESS OR TRANSFERRED TO THIRD PARTIES.
23. SIA "For Kidi" does not link the user's IP address and e-mail address with data that allows the identification of this user. This means that each user's session will be registered, but the user of the website will remain anonymous.
24. All information stored or recorded on the website, except for the data of a natural person, becomes the property of SIA "For Kidi", which SIA "For Kidi", as the manager of the website, has the right to use for its own purposes.
25. Please note that when submitting your e-mail address or by entering any information on the website, you agree that SIA "For Kidi" has the right to use this data only for the aforementioned purposes, including the purpose specified in article 19 of these Terms.

Website is protected by privacy and copyright policies.

26. When ordering an item, please confirm that you agree that the data entered on the website may be used by SIA "For Kidi" in accordance with the aforementioned Terms of Use of the website
27. When ordering an item, you confirm that you have read the information provided on the website about the features of an item or service.
28. When ordering an item, you confirm that you know the price of an item, including taxes.
29. When ordering an item, you confirm that you know that you must pay for the item.
30. When ordering an item, you confirm that you have read and agree to the terms of delivery of the item.
31. When ordering an item, you confirm that you have read and agree to the right to use the warranty and the right of withdrawal.
32. By starting the item order process through SIA "For Kidi" or its representative by telephone, e-mail or social media, you confirm that you have read and agree to the Terms of Use of the website, and that the provided contact details are correct.

Terms of Use can be found on the website

33. If any of the points laid out in this regulation becomes invalid, the other provisions will not be affected.
34. All disputes arising or connected with these terms or services will be dealt with in accordance with the requirements specified in regulations.
35. All intellectual property rights related to the website belong exclusively to SIA "For Kidi". In case of violation of these rights, the responsible person will be held liable in accordance with the established regulations and will also be held liable for all losses that are or could be caused to SIA "For Kidi" and third parties.
36. You can find the contact details of SIA "For Kidi" on the website in the section “Contacts” or in the final part of these regulations SIA "For Kidi" “Requisites”.

Documents confirming the purchase of the items on the website

37. In cases when the buyer pays for the goods ordered on the website and picks them up in the stores of SIA "For Kidi", the following documents confirming the purchase of goods (hereinafter also—the transaction) shall be issued:
a. A receipt;
b. Warranty agreement (if required).

38. In case the ordered items are delivered to the address indicated by the buyer, the document confirming the purchase—a delivery note—is sent to the e-mail specified in the order of the respective items by e-mail.
39. A Warranty Agreement for items for which it is required is also sent to the e-mail submitted in the order.
40. The person responsible for the completion of the order and the preparation of the delivery document is indicated on the document confirming the purchase or on the invoice. According to SIA "For Kidi" appendix no. 1 “Provisions for signing documents”, the name of the responsible person indicated in the document is equivalent to his signature.

41. The buyer confirms receipt of the goods:
a. By signing the document when picking up the ordered items in SIA "For Kidi" stores;
b. By signing a courier delivery confirmation document when the items are delivered via SIA "For Kidi" courier;
c. Upon receipt of the ordered goods from the DPD courier or at DPD parcel collection points — by signing on the courier/orderer's electronic terminal;
d. When picking up the ordered product in the parcel departments — by entering the buyer's receipt code.
42. Complaints regarding non-delivery of an order, when the receipt of the order has been confirmed by one of the methods described in section 41, shall not be accepted.

Data of the website manager SIA "For Kidi"

SIA"For Kidi"
Registration code 40103188776,
Registered address: Riga, pr.Viestura 24-26, LV-1005.
Phone no.: +371 20302075.
E-mail address:
Addresses of stores of SIA "For Kidi":
- Terbatas street 19/21, Riga, 

- Bruninieku street 8a, Riga.